Networking for your home or office

Networking computers together opens up a whole new world where information and resources can be shared by several users in the home or office.

Sharing out your broadband or ADSL connection

If you have more than one computer in your home or business you might want to share your internet connection. A simple way is to set up a secured wireless network where all devices can share the same resources, so everyone can have access to the internet, printer etc. This can also be totally wireless, so no more wires or cables to trip over.

Remote access to your computer systems

Imagine that you can access your office computer from home or your home computer from your office, or even that your main office can access branch office desktops, or your branch office can access the main office server.

Your employees can access emails, files, programs and network resources from home or while on the road. Your sales force can access applications and documents and continue to work while out of the office. The options and benefits are endless.

No need to just imagine, as PC HomeCall can set up systems so that you can control or access your computers remotely.


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